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Why Start a Blog?

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

Why start a blog right now? Great question - my answer is still pending.

It's 2020 - a year that feels like an unrealistic horror Netflix show about the world that keeps getting renewed for another season. It's been scary, enlightening, and apart from bonding together over our shared love for baking banana bread, I think we're all feeling a little lost.

Nonetheless, everyone and their dog has a Pinterest, Insta, YouTube channel and TikTok (yes, I caved and am now a proud TikToker... is that what we call ourselves??) I am yet another millennial using a blog as a way to share all things acting, social media tips & tricks, and insight on how you can make the world of your 20's as great as you pretend it is on Instagram. So, without further adieu -

Welcome to my blog - Daily Cup of Joe!

That's me - Joelle (Joe) and here’s a litttttttle bit about my life to get us better acquainted.

I’m a professional shower singer, an avid ‘Friends’ watcher, and if you’re looking for a good pun, I’m your girl! I’m an actor in Toronto (me and a million others who claim that title) and graduated last year from Ryerson for Media Production. I spend the majority of my time at Sweat and Tonic, hunting down new coffee shops, and undoubtably planning my next trip around the world.

Daily Cup of Joe comes from my daily indulgence in caffeine... and who doesn't love a good play on words ;) I have wanted to start a blog for a long time but never had the confidence to go through with it. My fear of failure, judgement, or inner battle of not being nearly "qualified" enough to be offering insight, always held me back. But after talking to others in my community (and a couple shots of tequila) I mustered up the courage to finally share what I have to offer in the hopes that it could help others too.

I want to use this platform to be transparent and disclose more than what I've chosen to share on Instagram. I will try to make it as conversational and relatable as possible, so please don't hesitate to reach out with any comments/questions/topics we can engage in.

I’m excited for you to be here and to follow along with my daily life as Joe, while sipping your daily cup of joe.


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