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Hi friends! Welcome to my blog! Yes - I am yet another millennial using a blog as a way to share my rambling thoughts, tips and tricks, and insight on how you can make the world of your 20's as great as you pretend it is on Instagram. So, here's a little about me to get us better acquainted. 

I’m a professional shower singer, an avid ‘Friends’ watcher, and if you’re looking for a good pun, I’m your girl! I’m an actor in Toronto and have fallen into the world of content creation. Daily Cup of Joe comes from my daily indulgence in caffeine... and who doesn't love a good play on words ;) 

I’m excited for you to be here and follow along with my daily life as joe, while sipping your daily cup of joe.


Can't  to hear from you!

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Joelle Olivia.

Actor, Blogger, Content Creator

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